The Selectmens office is no longer open on saturdays.  Town Clerk/Tax Collector is open the last saturday of the month unless there is a holiday that week.

Please see their site for details.

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Zoning Board of Adjustments

The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) was established through the adoption of the zoning ordinances and given the powers to 1) hear and decide appeals due to administrative decisions, 2) issue “special use” permits, 3) grant "special exceptions” to the terms of the zoning ordinances, 4) grant waivers to the zoning ordinances by "variance," and 5) grant “equitable waiver” caused by a violation of a physical layout or dimensional requirement imposed by the zoning ordinance.  The appeals for an administrative decision are commonly due to the interpretation of the zoning ordinances by the administrative officer or land use board, such as the Zoning Compliance Officer, Planning Board and/or the Board of Selectmen. 


The ZBA provides an essential "safety valve" for land owners to appeal land use restrictions and is the first step in seeking relief from those restrictions.  Using the standardized processes discussed above, the Zoning Board enables the land owner to make his case in a public forum at minimal expense prior to seeking legal recourse in NH Superior Court.


The ZBA consists of five members, up to five alternate members and a secretary.  All Board members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and serve in a three-year voluntary position.  The Board meets when specific application for an appeal is submitted and operates under the bylaws as established by the Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click for Application for Appeal to the Epsom Zoning Board of Adjustment

How to Obtain Abutter Information On-line

Meeting Agendas ansd Minutes
The Zoning Board meeting agendas and minutes are
posted as a convenience. Agendas and draft minutes are subject to change.

Glenn Horner
Phone: 603-545-1175 | email
Darlene Phelps
Alan Quimby
Phone: 603-736-8283 | asq57@msn.com
George Carlson
Phone: 603-736-8799
Ricky Belanger
Phone: 603-736-6000
Michael Hoisington
Phone: 603- 736-8355
Planning Board Rep
Gary Kitson
Phone: 603-848-8105 | tarrchicken@yahoo.com
Andrew Ramsdell
Phone: 603-229-5935
  Selectman's Representative  
Donald Harty Phone: 603- 568-3392 | donald.harty@epsomnh.org 

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Town Clerk / Tax Collector's Office

Visit for Car Registrations, Dog Licensing, to Pay Taxes, Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates, Elections

 and Dump Stickers

Please see below for other public notices

AS OF August 1, 2016 Monday

8:00am - 1:00pm

4:00pm - 6:00pm


10:00am - 3:00pm



Thursday & Friday

8:00am - 3:00pm

2nd & last Saturday

8:00am - 12:00pm

IF there is a holiday on the preceding Friday or following Monday, then the Offices will be Closed on that Saturday.


Town Clerk's Office


Starting in November the office will  only be open the last saturday of the month except due to holiday in Nov 2017 the office will be Open on saturday Nov 18th and saturday December 30th.


Visit for Assessing, Mapping, Zoning Compliance, Planning Board and Zoning Board

Please see below for other public notice


10:00am - 6:00pm


10:00am - 3:00pm


8am - 1pm

Thursday & Friday

8:00am - 3:00pm

2nd & last Saturday

8:00am - 12:00pm

IF there is a holiday on the preceding Friday or following Monday, then the Offices will be Closed on that Saturday.


Selectmen's Office 736-9002

Selectmen will be attending the Budget Committee on Nov 16th

Public Notices

 The Selectmen's Office will not be open on Saturdays starting in November.  The Town Clerk's Office will only be open on the last Saturday of the month, starting in November.

2018 Proposed Town Office Design Build RFP

Suncook River Construction 2017 Info Sheet

Schedule for River Construction

Revised Info Oct 2017


Hazard Mitigation 2018 Updates

Meeting Calendar


Future minutes for Hazard Mitigation will be found under the Selectmen minutes on the web site.

2017 Election Results

2017 Ratify Voting Day




Official Ballot Annual Town Election


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2017 Budget


2017 Warrant

2017 Deliberative minutes


2016 Town Report


Office Admittance Policy



.Active Shooter Training

April 2018



New Zoning Ordinance updates for 2017 is on Zoning Complaince site



The Board of Selectmen seek your opinion or ideas for the future potential use of the Meeting House.

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Please submit your ideas to the Town office email:


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