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The primary function of the Epsom Assessing Department is the maintenance of the assessment of properties within the Town as of April 1st to determine their value for taxing purposes.

The Assessing Department provides information and assistance to the general public.  Although this website enhances our ability to serve the needs of the public, it does not in any way replace the personal service we provide on a daily basis at our office.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call (736-9002), email or stop by the Selectmen's Office.

Please visit the Assessor's Office for information relating to the following:
  • Abatements and BTLA Forms
  • Barn Easements
  • Current Land Use
  • Excavation Tax
  • Exemptions: Elderly, Disabled and Veteran Credits
  • Low and Moderate Income Homeowner's Property Tax Relief
  • NH DRA Forms and Information
  • Real Estate Assessments
  • Tax Credits
  • Timber Tax
Other Functions of the Assessing Office:
  • Click for Tax Maps
  • Continuous update of property assessment and owner information 
  • Click for Property Assessment Condensed Valuations
  • Deed verification and updates
  • Administration of Excavation and Timber Taxes
  • Administration of Current Use Program
  • Administration of Tax Credits and Exemptions
  • The review and recommendation of Abatements
How to Obtain Abutter Information On-line

Here are a few explanatory questions and answers…..

The Town of Epsom underwent a valuation update for 2015. Can you explain this a little bit?

All properties in Town have been visited over the past several years by Avitar Associates of NE’s Assessor staff. This ensures the data that is used to compute the assessment is accurate. All taxpayers are encouraged to review their data online when it becomes available. Taxpayers share an obligation to ensure that the data that will ultimately drive their assessment is accurate. The next step is analyzing all of the sales data in Town, where only arm’s length sales are used – this means good sales where no relationship between parties exist, no bank sales, foreclosures or short sales are relied upon. These are typically sold at below market conditions and should not be the basis for a fair market value opinion. Once all of the sales are analyzed a model is created based on that info. The model is comprised of base land and building values. The Town is driven parcel by parcel and field reviewed to ensure all of the info used to analyze the sales is then consistently applied throughout the Town. Oftentimes people see the Assessor out driving around during this process and because we aren’t visiting each home during this timeframe they assume we are doing a drive-by assessment. Remember, this isn’t the case as the homes have been visited previously even if you don’t remember seeing someone.

Does this mean every property in Town is going to be visited this year?

Every property will be reviewed from the street as the visits occurred previously to collect the physical data about each home. There may be occasions where we need to drive up a driveway to get a better look at the home if it isn’t visible from the street. The vehicle will be marked with a sign stating “Municipal Assessor” and they will be carrying a photo id. As there are numerous properties to review in a limited amount of time, they will not be stopping to engage in conversation. If you are concerned about a vehicle parked in front of your home you could call either the Town Offices or the Police Department to confirm if it is indeed the Assessor.

How will taxpayers know if their assessment is equitable? And what can a taxpayer do if they feel their value is inaccurate?

Sometime in June we will be sending a notice of new value to every taxpayer in Town. At that time the letter will indicate how and where you can review your assessment and the assessment of others. The data will be available online and taxpayers will be able to do sales comparison searches. The assessing software has been converted to a different assessing program so taxpayers used to the old format will see some changes but the data should be largely the same. The two programs work similarly but there are differences. If a taxpayer is concerned with their assessment they should use the online tools to compare their property to the sales properties. Listings of all the assessments will be available on the counter at the Assessor’s Office but this will be for general assessment comparison purposes and will not provide the detail needed to truly compare. Should a taxpayer not have computer access at home the Public Library does have computers available for this type of review and research.

The letter will also provide instructions for arranging for an appointment to sit and discuss your assessment with an Assessor. This is a good opportunity to point out any physical data errors you feel may exist or discuss why you feel your assessment is inaccurate. Appointments will be scheduled by phone for an appointment to be held at a later date. Appointments will be at a central location and not at your home. If data errors exist staff will be available after your meeting with the Assessor to accompany you to your home and review the data. All taxpayers that request an appointment will be scheduled at a specific time and will receive at a later date a final notice of value. This is the value that will be used to compute the taxes.

What is market value and who determines my property assessment?

Market value is determined by people, the real estate market and the general economy. Our current assessments are now at 100% of market value.  Not all property appreciates or depreciates at the same rate. The Assessor will research and analyze the values in any particular area or neighborhood to determine the current market values. In effect, we are placing a value on your property that we believe is representative of what you would sell your home for on April 1, 2015.

When will the new values go into effect?

The new values are effective as of 04/01/15 but will not go into effect until the December tax bill.

Will this process increase taxes?

Not necessarily. The tax burden is the amount the Town must raise to operate local government and support the many services each of us has come to expect, such as police, fire and schools etc. If the total value of the Town declines then the tax rate will increase to pay those same budgetary obligations. Typically there are not big shifts in the tax burden, however, not all properties appreciate or depreciate at the same rate. For example, if residential homes are selling at 115% of market value and residential condos in an area are selling at 125% of market value as maybe indicated in the sales analysis, then when we bring values to 100% the condos may drop more significantly and actually see a tax decrease. This is just an example to help you understand, we have no specifics as to whether any one group of properties is assessed differently than another.

 What can a taxpayer do once they receive their December tax bill, if they are aggrieved with their value?

Once the tax bill has been received the taxpayer would need to file an abatement with the Assessor’s office. Forms are available at the office or online at the Town website, the State of NH DRA or BTLA websites as well. Once you receive your notification of your abatement and you are still dissatisfied, the next step would be to file an appeal with either the State of NH BTLA or the Superior Court.

We hope this process is a smooth one but we understand not all taxpayers will be happy with their new assessments. Both the local and state appeals processes are very fair processes that have worked for many years to ensure taxpayers are treated fairly. The Assessor’s Office will attempt to answer taxpayer questions or concerns, but until the values are finalized and turned over all questions should be addressed through the informal hearing process.

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